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Cillian one of AfterElton's Hot 100 men

Cillian Murphy
#94 in AfterElton's Hot 100 asked its readers to vote for their Hot 100, and Cillian came in at #94! About the "type" that the gay men who voted look for, they say:

The choices range from the rugged power of Jason Statham (#40) to the angular cool of Cillian Murphy (#94) to the youthfulness of Joseph Gordon-Levitt (#51) and cross just about every "type" along the way. Indeed, if this experiment has taught us anything, it's that there is no "gay type" at all, but rather a range from traditionally masculine to more androgynous; from handsome to beautiful to cute.

Cillian shows up on the next-to-the-last page of the list, with one of my favourite photographs by David Slijper.

Sunshine opens strong in North America

Good news from the box office! FOX News reported that:

In limited release, Fox Searchlight's sci-fi tale Sunshine opened to big numbers, pulling in $235,477 in 10 theaters.

Reviews are also streaming in. Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune calls it "near-classic modern science fiction" and Mary F. Pols of Contra Costa Times says:

...the real star of the film is Capa, the ship's physicist, who is played by Irish actor Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins, Red Eye), who even if he weren't written to be the star, would assume the role based on pure charisma ... Capa is dreamy and deep, but while concerned with the future of mankind, doesn't take himself too seriously. When the crew, leaving the point of contact with Earth, is told they can send final messages home, a reserved Capa gazes into the camera and says: "Mom, Dad, I hope you are proud of your son, saving mankind and so on." Murphy gives us a lot in his delivery of that line, the quirky sense of humor of the man, his youth and the poignancy of a son saying goodbye.

To read more reviews, old and new, visit our press archive—we've starred our favourites.

Warning: By the way, if you haven't seen Sunshine yet, and don't want to be spoiled, you should avoid the video clips on the Fox Searchlight site. There's a video there called "Sunshine 8: Deaths" that apparently gives away the whole plot.

Recommended reading: 2006 interview with Electric Mail

We've just found a wonderful interview that Cillian did with the Electric Mail last year. He's remarkably candid about what he thinks of himself as an actor and why he fled from his legal studies:

"College for me was a bit of a disaster," he reveals. "I did 18 months in UCC, studying Law, but it was the wrong thing for me. Why did I choose Law? I thought I might have some facility for it, but I didn't. Legal language is the most boring thing in the world, and there's little scope for creativity. It took me about a day or two to realise I had made a dreadful mistake. It's almost vocational, you have to have a moral streak in you, and I didn't. Constitutional Law I quite liked, because it was linked to history, but it's like learning a language. All the other people on the course had their lives mapped out for them, whereas I didn't have a clue."

And then there's his modesty...

As for the celebrity and entertainment magazines, I don't think I'll be featured in them—there's nothing very interesting to find out about me. What you see is what you get.

Exciting CillianSite news—LiveJournal syndication, new affiliate

Don't want to miss any news from The CillianSite? If you're on LiveJournal, you can now receive updates right on your friends page. Just go here to sign up for the syndicated feed.

And we'd also like to welcome our newest affiliate, Felton Fan, dedicated to the career of the talented young actor, Tom Felton.

Thanks to Painter_Lady for the Chicago Tribune review.

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Posts: 14
Reply #19 on : Thu July 26, 2007, 20:11:58
lol! I get the same thing when people pronounce the name of my business because it has "Celtic" in the title. They say "Seltic" Danm those Boston Celtics!! They are the cause of all of this! Kidding!
Posts: 14
Will they get his name right already!!
Reply #18 on : Thu July 26, 2007, 08:28:39
Cillian was asked once if he considered changing his name to Killian to help American's with the pronounciation. He said he hadn't but he jokingly replied that he thought of changing it to Rick or Brad.
Posts: 14
Vote for Cillian!
Reply #17 on : Thu July 26, 2007, 08:22:12
With the permission of the CillianSite admin, may I announce an affiliate news:

With our recent site launch, I'm happy to announce that we have Cillian Murphy as one of the 6 actors who made the tMF top 6. Some Cillian fans have sent me emails that they will vote for him, and they did.

Just want to spread the news and calling all Cillian-watchers and fans alike to help him get to the top!

We will soon close the poll, and there is also a chance to win 3 Cillian DVDs in our first contest next month.

Thanks and do cast your vote!
Posts: 14
Will they get his name right already!!
Reply #16 on : Thu July 26, 2007, 00:27:12
Will they?? Seriously! I went with my husband and the MC called him Sillian!! I nearly dove on the guy from the 20th row!! I jumped up and screamed it is "Cillian with a hard C!!" and then "You moron", not as loud.
Posts: 14
Reply #15 on : Wed July 25, 2007, 23:31:56
Thanks for posting about the previews! Saw Sunshine tonight in Aventura FL and loved it. My husband loved it to! Cillian (I think) is at his best... awesome.
Posts: 14
Reply #14 on : Wed July 25, 2007, 20:58:22
I'm going to see it the opening day this July 27th. But here, where I live, in Tulsa, Oklahoma only one theater had it. I was like wtf. But whatever. I'm so glad it had a strong opening and I hope it kicks the idiotic movies (excluding Rescue Dawn) in the trash pile. Wow, I can't believe it's already been two years of waiting for this. And it's going to be here. Sci-fi party, everyone. Yay for Cilly.
Posts: 5
Re: screenings feedback
Reply #13 on : Wed July 25, 2007, 12:32:42
It is so amazing to hear all of your stories and to know that people got to go to the previews because of reading our blog (and thanks again Marina for the tips). It's fantastic to hear from you all!

Painter_Lady, all you need to donate via PayPal is an email address and a bank account... but email us and we'll see what else we might do. Thanks!
Posts: 14
Reply #12 on : Wed July 25, 2007, 06:39:13
Ok Marina, so I have a daughter that is 30... I've been wondering who is the oldest fan... hmmmm..

His eyes are phenomenal yes, but no one ever talks about his VOICE. OMG, we didn't get enough of it in Sunshine, but it is so deep and gorgeous. When I need a fix, I go to and listen to clips from TWTSTB, He's an awesome acting machine in every respect. And I'm thinking this witholding that he does is one of his secrets. But unless people have seen Bitter Harvest, On the Edge or TWTSTB, how would they know what he is made of? All the big American movies don't give him a chance to show his range, even Sunshine.
Have to say I had become so bored with movies until I discovered Cillian and he opened up a whole new dimension. I bought all the DVD's of his films that I could and I joined Blockbuster online to get all of Ken Loach's films and any Irish film with Colm Meany and Stephen Rea. And any film that CM mentions. It's been fun and a much needed diversion at this time in my life when I'm dealing with some rather serious health issues. With my painting which I just started again after a 35 yr hiatus, and my interest in Cillian with the help of this great website, I've been having much fun!
Hey guys, is there some way to donate without using PayPal???
Again, thanks for your very classy website.
Marina, again...
Posts: 14
Reply #11 on : Wed July 25, 2007, 02:31:50
Just had to respond to Painter_Lady!

AMEN! Just can't get enough of wanting more!!!!

When will they release the others??? Tomorrow is toooooooo late!

I know it's not just us women either, because my two grown sons (27 and 30), their wives, and my husband love his acting. We all went together tonight.

This beautiful (both physically and, from what we read, personally) young man says so much with just a rare in movies these days when actors rely on their bulky bodies or good looks alone to sell tickets.
Posts: 14
Just Saw It
Reply #10 on : Wed July 25, 2007, 02:21:48
Just got back from seeing a screening of Sunshine! WOW! This is definitely not for the faint of heart or the weak of mind! Very deep relationships between some of these characters. Fabulous to the last minute...and then, there's always Cillian Murphy's gorgeous eyes for those of you who just need a fix - and they do steal the show!

Can't thank you gals enough for bringing the free screenings to our attention, or I would have had to wait 3 MORE DAYS until it comes out officially! Gotta' see it AGAIN!!!!!
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