New videos + production diaries + new CillianSite affiliates!

New video interviews with Cillian

The has a video interview with Cillian about his role in Sunshine; it includes a short clip of Dr. Cox, the film's science advisor. Pierspaul managed to snag a few caps for us. (If you click on the link and get a weird text page, just cut/paste the URL you see there and you can download the video.)

(ETA: So below, I mention the other cast interviews—turns out this is the one for Capa that will show up on the Sunshine websites later. I'm not sure how it made the Telegraph's site before it got to the official page, but hey, we're not complaining!)

In the associated review, Mark Monahan praises Cillian's performance, saying:

The cast is strong (especially Cillian Murphy as the onboard brainbox) and the set-pieces are phenomenal. So much so that disappointments about the lack of droll, John Carpenter-esque dialogue and a foolish late plot development melt away into the void.

Speaking of videos, if you haven't already, head over to SunshineDNA to see some Cillian on Japanese television, where he tells us:

On a Danny Boyle film, you give 100 percent. And because Danny brings such enthusiasm to it and such commitment to it, you can see the love of filmmaking when he's directing. It's very inspiring.

Sadly, Cillian's on screen only for a few seconds, but if you want more you should check out Gia's blog entry.

Sunshine Production Diary

Fox Searchlight's Sunshine site has production diaries for Saneda, Trey, Cliff, Mace, and Harvey. Why not one for Capa? Well, check back to the site later—SunshineDNA is providing their news feeds, so we know they'll be getting the best and latest on the film.

New affiliates!

I'm happy to announce that we've just affiliated with two fansites:

First, The MovieFanatic, a wonderful site dedicated to indie films. They have a nice feature/bio on Cillian as well as a review of The Wind That Shakes the Barley. If your film tastes go beyond the fare offered by the big studios (and if you're a Cillian fan, they surely do), then check them out!

Our second affiliate is Lindsay Lohan, a brand new site dedicated to the work of Cillian's co-star in The Best Time of Our Lives. As a fellow newcomer trying to break into the fansite world, we wish them lots of luck!

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Reply #2 on : Tue May 01, 2007, 23:54:55
Yes, I didn't mean to imply there was a problem with the recording, just that it's recorded at a very poor quality -- this may work on film, but when you freeze it for screen caps they don't turn out well.
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Reply #1 on : Mon April 02, 2007, 16:45:43
That video actually looks like Cillian's Sunshine Web-Video (that each actor has), so I think the quality was supposed to be like that...