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Barley interview and Watching the Detectives update

The rest of the world may be getting excited about Sunshine, but North America will be in the dark for a few more months. Over here, it's Cillian's other films that are making the news.

Barley just opened in my city last night. Knowing more about Ken Loach's process than when I first saw it on DVD, I was even more impressed by the realism of the performances. FilmStew has a nice interview that reveals Cillian's growing awareness of his talent and his profession. About how Loach is able to expand his actors, he admits,

"There's an awful lot of self-indulgence in film acting, I think ... I never trained or anything like that, but you do inevitably rely on tricks and stuff. I loved peeling that away. It's not glamorous; you're not going to look cool. You're just looking as you would as a person in that situation. That's terrific, you know, because it's ultimately believable."

Before long, we'll get to see what kind of tricks Cillian might lean on when he enters the classic film noir genre with Watching the Detectives. Remember when we told you that Detectives would premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival? IrishIndieChick just sent us the screening schedule! Looks like New York fans will have a few chances to catch it:

  • Tuesday, 1 May, 6:30pm (Clearview Chelsea West Theater 1)
  • Thursday, 3 May, 10:00pm (Regal Cinemas Theater 11)
  • Friday, 4 May, 6:00pm (AMC Kips Bay Theater 11)
  • Sunday, 6 May, 5:00pm (AMC Kips Bay Theater 13)

Please visit the festival website for ticket information and updates. No word yet on whether any of the stars will be there. We'll keep you posted!

Danny's new "golden boy"

That's what a lot of the U.K. papers are calling Cillian these days, after Danny Boyle's choice to cast him in Sunshine. Cillian is quick to dispel this rumour. As he told The Scotsman:

"Danny can cast whoever the hell he wants in a film," he says, modestly. But surely, for the studio, having one of the stars of Batman can't have hurt? "I suppose not, no," he says, sounding as if this calculation has never crossed his mind before.

Selecting roles by criteria other than box office draw, Cillian seems genuinely immune to—and more than a bit surprised by—the hype surrounding the film industry:

[Batman] was a chance to work with the film's director, Christopher Nolan, who made it seem as if they were making a small movie. It was only when Murphy attended one of the premieres, he says, that he thought, "Jesus! This is big."

John Walsh of The Independent remarks on his diverse roles, calling him "a screen paradox: an action hero who often looks as though he's on the verge of tears." To get that kind of intensity for Sunshine, Cillian shares one of Boyle's techniques:

"At the start of the shoot, Danny sent us all a picture of a bullfighter, an incredible photograph. The bullfighter has this look in his eye as the bull approaches. 'That intensity,' Danny said. 'That's what I'm looking for.'"

To keep up that intensity on long shoots, Cillian turns to gym workouts and "'pretty intense' rock music." To balance that when he's not working, Cillian says:

I'm patient enough to wait for the next reasonably good script to arrive, because they're so rare ... I'm OK with that, with sitting round the house for three or four months. I have a young son, I spend time playing with him and my wife, I read a lot, I run, I go to gigs." A nice quiet private life, it seems, for an action-packed visionary.

I can't help thinking that Walsh obviously doesn't have a young son, if he thinks that life would be quiet. But it definitely sounds like it suits Cillian.

Site Additions

Finally, a quick update of everything we've added to the site over the past few days:

If you've ever got any pictures, articles, or Cillian encounters, please !

Cillian Murphy in Sunshine

Thanks for IrishIndieChick, Kiwi, Gia, and Mistress Kizuna for news and pics!

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When we went to see Zodiac last weekend (in the 'burbs no less) Barley was playing in the same theatre. Very exciting!