Cannes cam + Barley poised to shake the Riviera

[Note: This was originally published by cillianONLINE, which has been inactive since September 2006.]

Do you wish you could be at the Cannes Film Festival to watch Cillian somewhat uncomfortably but handsomely walk the red carpet? Well, I just watched them start rolling out pieces of said red carpet via the Independent Film Channel Le Cannes Cam webcam! Before you get too excited, keep in mind that the shot is not exactly a close up, but perhaps that will change.

On a more serious note, Sunday's Guardian ran a great feature article on The Wind That Shakes the Barley. Sean O'Hagan, who reports "Cillian Murphy shines as a reluctant recruit," quotes Barley scriptwriter Paul Laverty on one of the film's key themes:

I wanted to show that people who have killed, even in the name of a cause they believe to be honourable like a country's right to self-determination, are somehow altered. Cillian's character, Damien, has... a pivotal moment in the film just before he executes the spy, when he says: 'I studied anatomy for five years and now I'm going to shoot an old man in the head.'

Barley will surely be a deeply unsettling and moving film, hopefully one that will win prizes for its filmmakers and lead actor.

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I admire Robert and Kristen how they anwesr questions pertaining to them as boy and girlfriend. They will acknowledge that title when it pertains to work, but they will not anwesr any questions when it has nothing to do with film. They keep their privacy while still acknowledging what they are to each other, but they need go no further to define it. Bravo to both of them.